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Day One

January 28, 2014

OK, so first thing is first, I need to confess, I actually had 2 cigarettes left rather than the one which I declared yesterday. I found this additional solitary cigarette resting in the cupboard as I cleared away the empty 200 deck. Did I throw it away or give myself a stay of execution for a further few hours? I chose the latter, it was the least I could do for myself.

My 7.30 this morning went down a treat with my coffee; I then spent the morning debating with myself as to when to ignite my ultimate burn. Knowing that I had that cig in my drawer was something of a comfort and I knew that once it was gone, it was gone forever. Saying that, I was similarly looking forward to it being over, my days of a smoker that is, and the idea of becoming a non-smoker was in itself an alluring prospect.

My final pull of my final stogie came at around 1.30pm. I was with my colleague, Steve, who had earlier admitted that he also was in the market to join the non-smokers club. I encouraged him to join me and he agreed so my final smoke was also Steve’s – good luck Steve! As I toked away I thought of being sat in the back garden in the summer with a cool beer and not being able to enjoy a smoke. I thought of my 7.30 coffee and cig, my post-tea smoke and my weekend smokes at the football. This is going to be hard, I enjoy a smoke, not many, I never have been a heavy smoker, but the ones that I do/did have I enjoyed. I then thought of the crap that I was actually inhaling, the money it was costing me, the unsocial aspects, the role model I would be giving to my children and the health implications. The positives of not smoking far out-weighed the positives of smoking.

So how has it been since my last smoke? Not an issue really, I could have had one after tea; I had a crunch corner instead. I need to be careful that I don’t pile the weight on so after a 3 month lay-off from the gym I intend to get back there this week.

Tomorrow morning is going to be the killer!!


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