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Day Four

January 31, 2014

Friday, the start of the weekend and what would typically be the time when I indulge in more than my customary intake of cigarettes. Another early start with an event at the Reebok Stadium kicking off the day and a break from the usual ritual with no 7.30 brew without smoke, which is good for my current ambition. Getting stuck in the rush-hour commute on the M62 however wasn’t conducive to a stress free start, with a clapped out Princess Ambassador putting paid to any form of free flowing traffic, which is habitually the case for a Friday morning. It was a cold morning and lugging a load of marketing gear, from the wrong car park around the stadium and up 3 flights of stairs with a blistering cold wind chilling me to the bone wasn’t a gratifying experience. A nice hot coffee in the Platinum Suite overlooking the Bolton Wanderers football pitch followed. I had suddenly started to feel a bit rough. I slight sore throat and funny taste in my mouth; it was like the disease was trying to escape. It didn’t last, another couple of brews and I was fine. The event finished and I headed off to my 3pm meeting at Salford Arts Theatre in the company of Hazel Blears and a MacDonalds en-route was my treat. Salty fries led to me really wanting a post fast-food cig, again I didn’t, I couldn’t, I had only a fiver which was spent on my Maccy’s and I had forgotten my wallet, so I couldn’t give in even if I had wanted!

Another working day done and no smokes had. I have just finished my Chinese in front of the tellybox and the soaps, and yes, I could do with a smoke but it’s not a massive inconvenience. If this is as bad as it gets, then I am sure I will be fine. It does help having the support of Jenny, encouraging me every step of the way, however she is scared of mentioning it in case she is reminding me of the fact that I am trying to stop smoking, or rather receiving the response ‘shit, I had forgot about it until you reminded me!!’ Day 4 – Done, nearly!


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