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Day Six, Seven and Eight

February 4, 2014

Wow, yesterday was tough, the toughest day so far, I now understand how people struggle to give up, if it was like that every day I think maybe I would have crumbled. The taste in my mouth, the feeling in my bones, the head pounding and the irritability all took its toll, but I prevailed. After the hell of a day that Saturday was, Sunday came and went without a whisper. I wasn’t so shocked to be honest as I often go through a Sunday without a smoke and if I do partake it is usually just a single cig after my Sunday roast. Monday also wasn’t too stressful and then today… today I actually felt like a non-smoker. I didn’t get any strong urges, didn’t forget I was not smoking, didn’t crave a cig with my 7.30 brew. I certainly am not counting any chickens as yet but I can’t imagine it getting any more difficult now. Surely I have gone through the worst of it? I will be devastated if I smoke again now after not having one for over a week.

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